February 27th, 2008

vampire kittens
  • zeenell


This post is for people to ask for or volunteer to be beta readers, because y'all are AWESOME and helpful like that.

Or some such thing *g*

It would probably be prudent to mention what you will/will not beta - or, you know, what you need help for in your fic. Seriously - it makes everything much more smoother.

vampire kittens
  • zeenell

Submission Guidelines redux

All fics must include the following information in a header:
notes: Notes are optional, but shout-outs to beta's etc... can go here. As can warnings and any apologies for crackiness. Conversely, you can add warnings and betas in the header section. *g*

DO NOT tag your own fics *g*

There's not a lot of us participating, so it's just easier for me to have fun with it.

Finally - The subject line should include author, title and rating. It doesn't matter in which order, but it makes it easier. An example would be: "Faery!Fraser by Nell. Rated C for crack."


Any questions and comments are always welcome.