April 6th, 2008


"Death-Defying" by keerawa (F/K, R)

Title: Death-Defying
Author: keerawa
Prompt: 12. Fraser is an international criminal mastermind, moved to Chicago when Canada became a little too dangerous to operate in. RayK is the cop set on finding the evidence to take him down. Whenever they meet, sparks (of various kinds) fly, but how do a criminal and a cop find that elusive happily ever after?
Warnings: AU, minor character death, m/m sexuality, disturbing ideas, mention of dubious-consent sexual relationship with a minor.
Betas: Thanks to nos4a2no9 and panther_kitten for helping me find my way to the heart of this story.
Summary: Fraser is a contract-killer, and Detective Ray Kowalksi needs to stop him before he kills again. It's not your daddy's 'Chicago's Most Wanted'.

( Death-Defying )