May 2nd, 2008

"Lucky in Love" by belmanoir (F/K/V, AU, NC-17)

Title: Lucky in Love
Author: belmanoir
Prompt: 80. Character A isn't much of a gambler, but seems to have either skill or dumb luck whenever s/he does happen to play. When a high-stakes poker game ends, A finds him/herself the lucky winner... of Character B. B's significant other, C, got carried away on betting fever and too much alcohol, and gambled him/her away. From the way C spoke, A had thought C was betting a racehorse or a beloved pet or a car or something, and is horrified to find B is actually a person. A of course immediately releases B from the conditions of the bet, but to no avail.

B is so furious to have been gambled away like so much property, s/he proclaims s/he will honor the terms of the bet, and spend six weeks (or however long a span of time was wagered) with A. Over the course of the following six (or however many) weeks, B makes him/herself a general nuisance to A, hanging around, refusing to leave, offering to do nice things for him/her, freely offering his/her opinion about A's wardrobe, home, dating habits, diet and general lifestyle, rearranging things A didn't want rearranged and messing up things A didn't want messed up--in short, turning A's orderly life upside down.

Meanwhile, a hangdog C tries desperately to court B into forgiving him/her, but is it too late? Can insufferable but charming and kind-hearted B win A's heart? Will A realize s/he's won the bet of a lifetime before it's too late?

Notes: So many people to thank! dessert_first for a fantastic prompt, mrs_laugh_track and snoopypez for feedback and cheerleading above and beyond the call of duty, and most of all inseriatim for a truly kick-ass beta. Seriously guys, she went through the entire massive thing with me on chat AND was really insightful and amazing and enthusiastic.
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio
Word count: 24,553
Summary: When undercover cop Ray Kowalski bets--and loses--his partner Ray Vecchio in a high-stakes poker game, their partnership may never be the same.

Lucky in Love

ETA: I wrote a little epilogue for snoopypez. All I want to do is see more, 1400 words, PWP, Kowalski blows Vecchio in the supply closet.