"Death-Defying" by keerawa (F/K, R)

Title: Death-Defying
Author: keerawa
Prompt: 12. Fraser is an international criminal mastermind, moved to Chicago when Canada became a little too dangerous to operate in. RayK is the cop set on finding the evidence to take him down. Whenever they meet, sparks (of various kinds) fly, but how do a criminal and a cop find that elusive happily ever after?
Warnings: AU, minor character death, m/m sexuality, disturbing ideas, mention of dubious-consent sexual relationship with a minor.
Betas: Thanks to nos4a2no9 and panther_kitten for helping me find my way to the heart of this story.
Summary: Fraser is a contract-killer, and Detective Ray Kowalksi needs to stop him before he kills again. It's not your daddy's 'Chicago's Most Wanted'.

( Death-Defying )
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Submission Guidelines redux

All fics must include the following information in a header:
notes: Notes are optional, but shout-outs to beta's etc... can go here. As can warnings and any apologies for crackiness. Conversely, you can add warnings and betas in the header section. *g*

DO NOT tag your own fics *g*

There's not a lot of us participating, so it's just easier for me to have fun with it.

Finally - The subject line should include author, title and rating. It doesn't matter in which order, but it makes it easier. An example would be: "Faery!Fraser by Nell. Rated C for crack."


Any questions and comments are always welcome.
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This post is for people to ask for or volunteer to be beta readers, because y'all are AWESOME and helpful like that.

Or some such thing *g*

It would probably be prudent to mention what you will/will not beta - or, you know, what you need help for in your fic. Seriously - it makes everything much more smoother.

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85 prompts - have fun!

Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry I didn't get this up sooner - my boss injured herself and someone quit. I got closing shifts (11PM) back to back with opening shifts (6AM) and spent what time I could sleeping. At least the paycheck would be nice, yes?

Anyway, the prompts are sorted by pairing, like last time, so it shouldn't be that difficult to find a prompt you like. But before we get to the prompt selection list, let's get to the nitty-gritty of the few rules.

1. Prompts can only be taken by one person.
2. The photo prompts can be selected as many times as y'all want.
3. If you have an idea not on the list, or the prompt you want someone absconded with? Select prompt 00. 00 is the only prompt more than one person can select, and can be used anyway you want.
4. There are no limits to the amount of prompts you can choose. Just bear in mind that there are others who would want to select prompts.
5. The deadline is May 6th. Just remember that there are prizes for finishing by the deadline, okay?
6. Min. length of fics is 1,000 words. There is no max.
7. Only completed fics should be posted to the comm, and all fics should be beta'ed. Please. Especially if you spell or type like I do. *coughs*
8. Have fun!
P.S. If you want to make covers or artwork instead of write a fic... Go for it. And if you want to write a collab, that's also totally awesome.
P.P.S. Unchosen prompts from last year are intermingled with new ones from this year. New ones can be found at either the front or back of a section, because I'm smart like that *rolls eyes*)
P.P.P.S. I would love anyone who wrote 41 for ever and ever and ever. The end. *hints*

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This post is for all prompt suggestions, please comment to this post ONLY with prompt suggestions. If you have a question or whatnot otherwise, comment on this post.

It would be preferred if you make the prompt as generic as possible, e.g. :

Character A. is the swan prince(ss). Character B. is the prince(ss). Or, Character A. is the guardian of a young child who just witnessed a murder. Character B. is the FBI agent assigned to the case. Can character a. and b. get the child to talk before it is too late? Will they realize that they have fallen in love with one another?

However, if you really want to see certain characters cast in their roles, than feel free to give the prompt suggestion thusly:

Ray Vecchio just found himself the guardian of his sister Maria's four kids after his sister and her husband pass away. To keep custody of the children, he needs to marry within the year. Who else to ask but his best friend, Benton Fraser?

Unlike last time, I will not be turning character specific prompts to generic prompts. You can always choose 00 (author's choice) and modify an existing prompt.

Furthermore, any unclaimed prompts from the last round will be added to the list for this round.

ALSO, Icons, pieces of art, dolls, etc can be submitted as prompts. As can song lyrics.

You can also submit prompts by emailing me at monroe_nell livejournal com. Put harlequin prompts in the subject, please?

Have fun!

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Rules and Guidelines, version 2.

Since enough people seem to have agreed it on it - Looks like there shall be a round two.

I'll be posting up an entry for prompt suggestions sometime tomorrow.


1. Have fun
2. Suggested minimum length is 1000 words, but requirement is at least 500 words. There is no maximum length.
3. Only complete fics should be posted here
4. Betas'. Please have a beta.


Prompt suggestions will be open from Monday, January 21st through Monday, February 4th.

By February* 6th, I will have a post up with a list of all prompts up so y'all can get to the prompt claiming. Prompt claiming will end February 13th.

Fics will be due about May 6th**.

Now, another point brought up in the poll is that people would like more strict guidelines.

But I am still insanely bad at enforcing things like that, so I thought of an alternative solution.

Someone has graciously agreed to make 10 icons and a banner.

Everyone who gets their fic in by the deadline will get a banner.

The first 10 to get their fic in will get an icon.

This way, there is an incentive to get your fic done in time!

* I managed to misspell February 3 different ways.
** I don't believe there are any conflicting schedules with other challenges, but if there is, let me know?
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Okay, I have had several members of the comm comment or e-mail me that they would like a second go of this.

Which, uhm, brings me to a poll. Because everything is better with a poll.

I would like a second round of the challenge

maybe - comment with particulars

if yes, I would like it to follow the same format as before


I would like more strict

nothing - it's fine

I would participate by:

not participating
coming up with prompts
giving feedback

Anyway, I wouldn't mind having another challenge. Obviously, a few of the particulars from last go around would have to be modified, if only because of the starting dates, what not.

This poll will run for about a week, say through the late 21/22 of January.

If there is enough interest, I will toss up an entry for prompt submission. Prompt submissions will most likely run for two weeks, followed by claiming, and with fics due in 3 months. Which will make it sometime in April.
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Mod post - opening up posting for all ds harlequin fics.

So, I just realized that I was supposed to post this a while ago; however, I forgot to.

That is to say, for any of you who just want to use the list of prompts without a set deadline, or just as inspiration. go for it. All prompts are now available for general public, and you do NOT have to comment if you use it/them.


That is to say, there will now be *counts* three master lists. Those fics which were chosen during the prompt selection period for the challenge, those inspired by the prompts but not written for the challenge, and those fics which are harlequin, but not at all inspired by the prompts.

Again, this comm is now open to all ds_harlequin fic.

Please do not tag your own posts, it will be done for you by, well, me.

OH. And all ds_harlequin-esque fanart or manips are greatly encouraged.

*ponders if there was anything else*

I have to update the master!list yet. The tags are all up to date though.

F/V fic: It's Still the Same Old Story, rated PG, by joandarck

Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio
Length: 7,000 words
Rating: PG (like, barely)
Notes: Beta by the lovely and talented mergatrude

Warning Prompt: 04. Fraser abandoned the RCMP at the death of his father and is a near recluse who wanders the NWT, rescuing lost tourists and defending the wild lands from poachers. One of the tourists he rescued (Ray, Ray or ?) in the past returns to the NWT determined to find the savior who stole his heart.

It's Still the Same Old Story
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Wrong BF/RV 1/1 Prompt #57

Title: Wrong
Rating: R ish
Warnings: angst, some language, some sex
Pairing: BF/RV
Feedback: Yes, yes and yes
Disclaimer: I did not create these characters, but I have enjoyed manipulating them.
Author's Note: Um... this fic is prompt inspired which means it's not exactly the prompt. This is the bunny that came and this is the bunny that sat in the corner twitching its nose.

Summary: Prompt #57 (AU) Fraser had been framed for the murder of Gerard, on the run in America; he's pursued by hard nosed Ray Vecchio. Can he prove his innocence - and his love - to the man sworn to bring him in?   

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